Vapor Blunt Review

Vapor Blunt Review

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The Vapor Blunt vaporizer is an extremely portable vaporizer with two temperature settings, the normal (390F) and Super Boost (410F), that is capable of reaching the desired temperature in roughly 60 seconds.  With a compact and lightweight design, the Vapor Blunt is ideal for anyone in need of a discreet and portable vaporizing device.  If you’re interested in buying this vaporizer, which is manufactured in the USA by VaporBlunt Vaporizer Inc., you can click here to buy one from one of my favorite stores on the web.  Then again, if you’re still unsure as to whether or not this uniquely designed vaporizing blunt is the best vaporizer for you, continue reading this Vapor Blunt review.


Vapor Blunt Technology

Vapor Blunts are composed of a ceramic heating element – which efficiently heats up the device, eventually producing a visible stream of vapor – and a stainless steel filling chamber.  As an added safety feature, the Vapor Blunt will automatically shutoff after the device has been left idle for 12 minutes.

Vapor BluntWith a re-chargeable lithium-ion internal battery, you won’t have to worry about refilling your butane supply as you can simply recharge the device at your leisure. An innovative internal Stir Knob allows for the blend to be stirred and mixed inside of the filling chamber without suffering heat loss. The new PUFFiT stealth vape also boasts internal mixing capabilities.

In addition to all of the aforementioned, the device also comes with a wooden utility tool and cleaning brush which make maintenance a breeze.  Simply remove the removable stainless steel screen with the wooden utility tool, clean it, and then return it to the filling chamber and you’re good to vaporize.


Vapor Blunt Flavor Tips

Optional flavored plastic tips can be added as an extra bonus to enhance your vaporizing experience.  Each flavor tip is FDA approved and composed of flavor infused plastic.  While the flavored tips are not necessary, some users are sure to find them a worthwhile addition.


Is The Vapor Blunt Right For You?

If you’ve ever wanted to vaporize while out in the world – you know, living your life – the V-Blunt could very well be the highly portable vaporizer that you’ve been dreaming of.  Small enough to slide into a pocket or purse and powerful enough to get the job done; this is definitely one of the more popular portable vaporizers for good reasons.  If you’re interested in buying this incredible vape, click here to buy the Vapor Blunt online today.


Vapor Blunt Review Video

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  1. VaporBlunt Inc. unveiled their new portable Palm vaporizer – check it out if you haven’t already.

  2. Seems to be missing a way to set down. Takes a bit to get used to, have had mine just a couple days. Not sure what to expect, find myself totally wasted when just trying to get a buzz. Seems to be a big learning curve on its effects. But I’m up for the challenge. Lol but a stand would be nice to set it down when hot.

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