Vapor Bat Review

Vapor Bat Review

  • Usability
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If you’re looking for a really simple and cheap vaporizer which boasts portability, the Vapor Bat might be just what you’ve been searching for.  Vapor Bat vaporizers are smaller than the classic VaporGenie vaporizer pipe, extremely straight forward to use, are cordless, and don’t require any batteries or butane, just a lighter.  That’s right, all you need is an ordinary lighter to operate a Vapor Bat, as using it is almost identical to a traditional tobacco pipe.


How The Vapor Bat Works:

The real difference in using a VaporBat is that you don’t place the flame directly into the unit, instead you hover the flame near the perforated ceramic filter which is the key to the vaporizing process.  By allowing the heat from the flame to pass through the filter while mixing with air, the heat is then transferred into the chamber containing the blend without burning the blend or causing combustion.  This is a simple way of vaporizing without having to spend top dollar for an expensive digital vaporizer that’s cordless and hand held.


Where To Buy Vapor Bat:

If you’re looking to buy this lightweight and extremely compact device which is available in, but, not limited to green, black, red, and blue, click here to place your order for the affordable Vapor Bat portable vaporizer.


Vapor Bat Review Video:

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  1. The Vapor Bat is hardly a vaporizer. For the price, it’s definitely not a bad buy, however, if you’ve high expectations for your vaporizing experience, this isn’t the one. While the ceramic filter is a cool concept, it hardly compares to the likes of the Pax vaporizer by Ploom or the Solo by Arizer. To see which vaporizers we think are the best, check out our painstakingly researched vaporizer reviews at:

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