Pax Vaporizer Party Mode Video

Pax Vaporizer Party Mode Video


Incorporated into Pax by Ploom is a hidden Easter-egg known as party mode. In order to activate party mode, simply click the mouthpiece to activate the unit and then shake the device in a circular motion. This should activate Pax vaporizer party mode which causes the indicator light to begin flashing different colors. To reiterate using the wise words of Vapor Experts who quoted in part the Talladega Nights movie on their Facebook page, “shake and bake for party mode.” Below you’ll find a video on how to activate Ploom Pax party mode as well as a clip from Talladega Nights in which Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrell) and Cal Naughton Jr. (John C. Reilly) discuss their NASCAR winning strategy derived from the delicious Shake ‘N Bake by Kraft Foods.


Beyond the obvious fun factor, party mode appears to serve no useful purpose.  Regardless, it simply adds to the creativity embedded within this innovative portable vaporizer by San Francisco’s Ploom.  Watch the videos below to dramatically enhance your understanding of what it is I’m referencing throughout this publication on the news section of our product review website.


Pax By Ploom Party Mode Video:


Talladega Nights Shake ‘N Bake Clip:

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  1. Party mode turns off the “power saver” setting on the Pax. Which means it will NOT lower the amount of battery in use if set down for over 10 seconds. If party mode is inactive (glowing purple or solid green) the power saver mode will activate after 10 seconds of complete stillness.

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