Pax Vaporizer By Ploom Review

Pax Vaporizer By Ploom Review

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The new Pax vaporizer by Ploom, a fresh S.F. based start-up company, is a portable vaporizer that resembles an ordinary lighter. It rivals, at least in my opinion, the new stealth vape known as the PUFFiT inhaler vaporizer. Pax is capable of approximately two uninterrupted hours of vaporizing and takes only one hour to completely charge its lithium ion battery. The Pax warranty by Ploom covers the device for ten years with a manufacturer’s warranty that is applicable when the vape is purchased from an authorized outlet.

Pax Portable Vaporizer By Ploom

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Temperature Control:

Controlling the temperature of this small vaporizer is incredibly simple. There are three pre-programmed temp. settings which include a low, medium, and hot. The low runs at 370 degrees Fahrenheit and correlates with the yellow indicator light. Medium operates at 390 deg. and can be correlated with the orange light. Lastly, the high temperature setting causes the device to vaporize the contents at 410 degrees F. and can be associated with a red light. The color of the light indicates the current temperature setting. Adjusting the temperature is as easy as removing the mouthpiece to press the button, which should light up, to cycle through the three aforementioned temperature settings.


How To Use:

Ploom Pax VaporizerIn order to turn the device on, click the mouthpiece so that it pops out and when you’re ready to turn it off, simply click the mouthpiece back in. Pax handheld vaporizers go into sleep mode whenever they’re set down for 30 seconds. The motion sensor will also reactivate the device when it senses movement. To check the battery life, shake the device and look at the indicator light to determine, as it the star-shaped light will blink green when charged and red when it’s nearly depleted.


Where To Buy Pax:

Want to buy Pax by Ploom? You can purchase this lightweight and compact vape – which is available in blue, black, and purple – at a reasonable price (especially when compared to some of the other more expensive portable vaporizers on the market) by clicking here to place your order today.


Pax Vaporizer Review Video:

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  1. Too legit to quit. This is what a portable vaporizer should be.

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